Let's talk about "Rock the Crop"

#rockthecrop When I took these pictures I had no intent on posting, it was for me. I felt so sexy and confident wearing my leopard print crop top. For me the kicker was during my #selfieshoot when I got a glimpse of my shape while sitting. This is usually the dreaded position (sitting) where all your skin bunches up into neat rolls around your mid section. However, instead what I saw was a beautiful curvy body #cokebottle #shapedlikethenumber8 It made me smile....on the inside.

For so long I could not find the beauty in me. For so long people singled out one beautiful characteristic they perceived about me, a pretty face. But the message I received from that was that the only thing beautiful about me was my face. This was not the foundation for self-love and acceptance. However, below I have include a picture of my pretty face-- just in case you didn't believe that smoking hott body actually belonged to me :: wink:: wink:: Over the years I have taken a sledge hammer to the faulty foundation where I, all of me, was not considered beautiful. I have dedicated myself to rebuilding a better one, one of self-love and acceptace.

The issue I see with the O Magazine statement/article, aside from the obvious....is that this is a common belief in our society. There are "norms" and "expectations" for how people should look, dress, talk, love, behave, what size they should be, what's beautiful etc etc. It is not about the magazine or the person who wrote the statement...they too are victim to the influence of negative societal views. Although rightfully so, once recognizing the negative impact their article was causing they made a public statement apologizing. This was hopefully a learning moment for the individuals involved, the magazine staff, as well as all of those who followed the outcome. The lesson being that if enough people stand up against a "wrong" or in favor a "right" we can make a positive change.

We must not miss the bigger picture by criticizing and focusing on the smaller picture. The ideology that people must be a certain way in order to be accepted, is the problem. We have been infiltrated with negativity since birth. It is in our language, in our history, and in our media-- no wonder it too lives in our minds. However, we can combat it with positivity! I urge us to continue in our efforts to raise awareness about these issues and empower everyone to feel great in the skin they are in. This is not just a "plus" issue because be assured that there is a "skinny" girl who looks in the mirror and doesn't see a flat stomach. Perception is in the eye of the beholder. But perceptions are greatly influenced by those around us. Let our minds and hearts be open and aware to the influence we have and the impact we wish to leave.

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